Purim Hamantaschen Baking at K’tonton ELC

Flour, rolling pins and fruity jams – oh my! The children at K’tonton Early Learning Center had a fun time during the Purim Hamantaschen Baking Event. The Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid Sisterhood prepped for this event by making enough dough for everyone in the school to participate.

When the kids and teachers were ready, they had enough dough to make 250 scrumptious kosher hamentaschen. Everyone got their hands dirty and joined in on the fun. Each child rolled dough with rolling pins and lay the flat dough on parchment paper to fill with chocolate chips, strawberry jam and even mini marshmallows! Once the edges were pinched and formed they wrote their names on the parchment paper to mark their treats and transferred the sheets onto the baking pans. There was a special Hamentashen Baking Station (with adult supervision) and all of the hamentaschen made their way into the oven. Certainly a sweet memory for all!