About FELS

Regarded as a leader in the field for over a century, Federation Early Learning Services (FELS), a non-profit agency, has provided quality programs to the Jewish and secular communities since 1911.

We enroll infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children from diverse economic, religious and racial backgrounds on a year-round basis. With seven centers and two public school sites located throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties, we serve 1200 children annually.

We are extremely proud of our staff. Lead teachers typically have bachelors degrees in early childhood education; have been with us, in many cases, for over 10 years; are involved in ongoing professional development experiences and have won prestigious awards during their careers with us. Most importantly, we beam with pride when we see them interact with their children and their parents. Their love for and dedication to their children, far surpass any written description about them.

Our leadership serves in key local, regional and state leadership positions advocating for increased funding, higher standards and meaningful legislation to ensure quality programs for all children in the state and in the nation. Throughout our history, we have served as a resource for other early childhood education programs offering advice, support and technical assistance in a variety of areas.

When your child enrolls in Federation Early Learning Services, you are choosing an organization with high standards, experienced staff and a proven track record of bringing you the best of everything from the beginning.