At Federation Early Learning Services, we know that the first five years of life are a time of wonder, extraordinary growth and for building foundations that will last a lifetime. During this period, a child’s brain develops more than it ever will again in his lifetime.

We understand that the learning process is as important as the skills developed and knowledge gained. Our teachers promote the optimum growth and development of children by providing age appropriate and stimulating educational, social and recreational experiences. The staff is committed to making the learning experience exciting and enjoyable, providing opportunities for children to learn through discovery and exploration.

Every FELS teacher develops their own program based upon the framework of the Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood, which is an approach that is supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Themes are planned around the interests of children, organizing classrooms into interest areas (centers) and reacting spontaneously when things happen in the classroom by turning them into teachable moments. Therefore, there is no prescribed cookie cutter curriculum. Rather, there is a curriculum that is active, flexible and responsive to the developmental levels and natural curiosity of the children as well as the interests of the teacher.

Judaism as part of the FELS core:

At FELS centers, we build on the universal Jewish values and imbed the teaching in our everyday lives.  From collecting tzedakah (charity) every week as part of the Shabbat ritual to baking goodies to share with community organizations, we teach our children about their role as contributing members of society.  We instill the teachings of our ancestors in ways to treat each other with kindness and respect, to caring for animals and plants, by protecting our environment and recycling our natural resources.