Head Start & Pre-K Counts

We have been administering Head Start and Pre-K Counts programs for income eligible families at our Paley and Lassin Early Learning Centers for many years.

Head Start Program

For decades, Head Start Program has been providing the children of low income families the support they need for a better future. The Program’s fundamental belief is that all children can succeed if they are in an early childhood environment that is nurturing and supportive of their healthy growth and development. As part of that belief, our teachers endeavor to meet the individual needs of children with special challenges. We also view our parents as our partners, assisting with decision making and participating in policy groups.

The Program provides activities that help preschoolers grow mentally, socially, emotionally and physically in a safe setting. It offers free health, vision and hearing screening; mental health services and healthy meals and snack.


PreK Counts Program

The Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts (PKC) pre-kindergarten program was established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to make quality pre-kindergarten opportunities available to children and families across the Commonwealth.

PKC classrooms have teachers with the education and expertise. By using a curriculum that is aligned with the state learning standards, each child grows academically and socially. Through the regular review of each child’s progress, teachers choose activities that are best for them and help them to adjust to pre-kindergarten. These steps make the transition to kindergarten smoother and help to gauge the appropriate transition time. All of this is happening in classes with a maximum of 20 students so that each child can have plenty of one-on-one time with the Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher.

By enrolling your child in PKC, you can give your child a great start to a bright future.

To learn more about the Head Start programs administered at Paley and Lassin, contact Jackie Figueroa at 215-725-8930, extension 155.