At FELS, we know that the first five years of life are a time of wonder, of extraordinary growth and of building foundations that will last a lifetime.

At our Centers, every infant has an assigned caregiver who is responsible for bonding with that child, giving them individual attention, developing a trusting relationship and attending to their needs. Our teachers talk to children. They hold them. They hug them. They know that every infant has a different personality, different preferences and different rates of development.

Our infants are all on different schedules. Feeding and diapering time provide wonderful opportunities for conversation and connecting in a very positive way. Our environments include soft, cuddly toys; inviting, textured picture books; colorful and manipulative materials. All are chosen because they are safe, enriching and entertaining.

We believe that parents are their child’s primary and most important teacher. We work in partnership with parents to create the best experience for every child.

Our staff realize that they have an important job. Our teachers enjoy the relationships that they develop with family members and appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life.