Jewish Programming

Buer. Dec. Star of David Girl

At FELS, we provide children with an age appropriate introduction to Jewish values, traditions, rituals and holidays by integrating them into their daily lives. These are reinforced at classroom centers that have a variety of materials for children to use in a variety of areas including art, music, literacy, etc. Inspired by the teachings of our ancestors, some of the values we emphasize include the importance of being contributing members of society, of treating each other with kindness and respect and of protecting our environment.

Our curriculum also offers parents and extended families the opportunity to enrich their own knowledge of Judaism and to celebrate their heritage in our centers at holiday events such as Hanukkah parties, Purim carnivals and Passover Seders which help to create a warm and welcoming sense of community that permeates our centers.

As part of the Shabbat ritual, children collect tzedakah (charity) every week which is donated to those in need. In addition, centers have a variety of mitzvot projects such as collecting food for the hungry, making cards and visiting the elderly, collecting clothing for victims of natural disasters, etc.