Research shows that success in school is determined by attitudes toward learning, study habits and skills developed at an early age. In the kindergarten programs at Paley and Kehillah Early Learning Centers, children learn to solve problems and become independent, cooperative learners while developing the skills and confidence needed to excel in first grade.

We use The Creative Curriculum which is an approach that is supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). It allows for children’s natural curiosity to drive aspects of the curriculum. For example, interest in the rain forest stemming from a book read to the class can develop into a month long unit that develops skills and knowledge in a variety of areas including reading, math, science and music. Teachers use learning centers and group activities to teach children to function successfully in structured and unstructured groups. This is enhanced by teachers working with children individually to meet their needs.

We also reach out to first grade teachers and principals in the public schools so we can prepare our children properly for first grade. By introducing homework in the second half of the year, we help children take responsibility and develop good work habits. From the feedback we receive, our students are not only thoroughly prepared but they excel.

A child’s progress is discussed with parents on an informal, daily basis and a portfolio of their work is readily available. Formal conferences are held semi-annually to share each child’s progress in a more structured way and to develop future goals.