Our preschool program uses The Creative Curriculum  that captures children’s natural desire to explore, experiment and discover. Teachers use a project approach, based upon the interests of the children, to promote important social, emotional, language and critical thinking skills.

While using learning centers and group activities, our children learn to function in structured and unstructured groups. Since learning is individual and personal, teachers work with children one on one so they can meet the unique needs and learning styles of all children.

Developing emergent literacy skills is essential. A language rich environment is created giving children opportunities to identify words, to build vocabulary and to ‘practice’ reading and writing. For example, the teacher might show a child the practical application of writing by asking him to be helpful and write down the teacher’s shopping list for her.

A child’s progress is discussed with parents on an informal, daily basis and a portfolio of his work is readily available. Formal conferences are held semi-annually to share each child’s progress in a more structured way and to develop future goals.