Our Supporters

PNC & FELS’ Common Interest: Making a Difference for Young Children

Since 1996, PNC has been supporting Love Our Kids Gala, an annual fundraiser, whose proceeds support FELS early childhood education programs and services.

However, it is through their “Grow Up Great” initiative that they have made the most significant impact in early childhood education. PNC Grow Up Great and PNC Crezca con Exito form a $350 million program dedicated to helping prepare America’s youngest children for great things in school and life. In 2004 PNC, while supporting local philanthropic initiatives, adopted a corporate-wide program; distributing more than $90 million in grants and also developing rich education materials for children, families and educators.

To date, the program has served approximately 2.3 million children throughout 19 states and the District of Columbia.

Starting early makes a difference. Studies show that a child who gets a strong education before the age of five is more likely to graduate high school, stay out of jail, steer clear of drugs and earn a strong salary by age 40. For every dollar spent on high-quality early education, society stands to gain up to $16 in long-term savings.

Start them early. Nuture their Dreams. Help them GROW UP GREAT.