Our Programs

Advancing knowledge through discovery and exploration.

The early education programs at Federation Early Learning Centers celebrate independent exploration, cultural differences and natural curiosity, while promoting the knowledge, skills, and abilities that young children need to succeed as learners in the early childhood years and beyond. Our emphasis is on creating a play-based learning environment that encourages creative expression and STEM learning, while making children feel welcomed, valued and respected. In our early education programs, children cultivate friendships, ask questions, build essential skills, and find joy in learning.


6 weeks - 1 years
Your child’s teacher will provide warm and personalized care, helping your infant to reach key developmental milestones. Your child's feeding, nap and playtime routines will be followed.


1-3 years
Your toddler is making great developmental strides — and we’re here to help! We channel your child’s increasing energy and curiosity into fun learning activities and playtime.


3-4 years
We focus on continuing to build a solid foundation so your child is ready for kindergarten. Skills emphasized include critical thinking, language development, building relationships and movement.

School Age

6-11 years
We offer before and after school care, and open during school holidays and emergency closings. A club format and homework support encourages new friendships.

Jewish Heritage

All Age Groups
Children participate in activities designed to foster an appreciation of Jewish culture and values, and gain a respect for other cultures as well.

Summer Camps

2-11 years
Our summer camp programs are a source of great fun and can create long-lasting friendships. Counselors and program specialists help to develop and improve their skills.