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David B. Reinfeld

Director of Development

 215 – 676 – 7550 x 108 


Your Contribution Means More than the Money

FELS is proud to announce a new event within our community: FELS Classroom Champions. FELS is extending the opportunity for our donors to ‘adopt’ our classrooms for the next school year.

You give and we give back! When you adopt a classroom, your donation goes directly towards benefiting our children and families. In return, FELS is happy to thank you for your generosity with a variety of gifts from us to you. Please see our brochure for a detailed chart mapping out each of our Donation Building Blocks. On the chart, you will find that each Building Block offers yearly benefits that will run for the Fall 2021—Spring 2022 school term.

When you adopt one of our classrooms, you leave your mark on our walls, our history, and in the lives of our children. Your donation goes well beyond your name on a plaque next to one of our classroom doors. That plaque or banner is a symbol of your important role in our community.

Adopting a classroom at FELS means so much more than simply providing financial assistance. It means supporting our teachers by supplementing a variety of activity materials that make up our Creative Curriculum. It means bringing in a specialist to engage our children through music, physical education, or the arts. It means putting healthy meals and snacks on the table for our growing children. Overall, your donation will allow our children to experience the world around them to the fullest through hands-on, discovery experiences.

Federation Day Care Services is a registered charitable organization. The official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply Endorsement. EIN 23-1352554.