Hebrew Language Program

Perelman Jewish Day School is partnering with Lokoff Abramson Early Learning Center to offer a Hebrew Language Program designed specifically for early childhood education.

This program will be taught by Israeli educator, Liat Curca, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and 14 years of experience teaching preschool in both the United States and Israel.


  • Research shows that children have the ability to learn multiple languages merely by being exposed to them on a regular basis through interactive activities.
  • Young children who are exposed to foreign languages on a regular basis quickly absorb vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  • Program will introduce children to the Hebrew language by building vocabulary in a fun, interactive way, using classical Hebrew children’s books, songs and games.
  • Incorporating Hebrew into the classroom on a daily basis will enhance interest in and enthusiasm for learning.


* Contents of this page excerpted from Perelman Jewish Day School