Infant Care (Ages 6 weeks - 1 year)

Offered at our Broomall, Melrose Park, Rhawnhurst, Somerton, and Wallingford locations.

Our infant care program offers a nurturing and secure environment with lots of love and attention. It is designed to provide babies with a variety of skills to build confidence for further discovery, and encourage curiosity and exploration. Language development, sensory play, and socialization are key components.

Teachers incorporate a series of stimulating activities that encompass the natural routines of feeding and play and reinforcing development without disrupting each child’s daily schedule.

The core goal of our infant care program is to provide your baby with love, care and an environment that encourages the development of natural curiosity. We view parents as our partners, and believe that by working together, your child will have a more productive and satisfying early childhood experience.

A Focus on Development

Personal Infant Routines
Growing bodies need time to rest. Each infant naps according to their own schedule. Feeding and diapering time provide wonderful opportunities for conversation and a positive connection.

Individualized Infant Care and Bonding
Each infant has an assigned caregiver who is responsible for bonding with that child, giving them individual attention, developing a trusting relationship and attending to their needs. We know that every infant has a different personality, different preferences and different rates of development.

Sensory and Motor Skills
Between sleeping and eating, each infant will spend time playing and learning with his or her teacher to continue to nurture their physical, social, cognitive, and language development. Physical awareness is encouraged through leg exercises, head control and mobility, creeping and crawling, pulling up, rolling over, walking, climbing and dancing, while eye-hand coordination is developed through grasping and object holding.

Interactive time and individual play time are alternated according to each infant’s age, interest and energy level.

Infant Socialization
As infants age, they begin to comprehend connections with adults and peers. We introduce classroom activities to further enhance the foundation for these social-emotional skills, and to encourage our infants to carefully observe and interact with the world around them.

Infant Daily Routine


NAEYC Accredited
Keystone STARS
Enclosed Playground
State subsidy accepted
Age appropriate settings & materials
Safe sleep standards
Enrichment Specialists and Special Events
Formula provided
Skill development


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