Jewish Heritage

Age-appropriate introduction to Jewish rituals and values.

At our centers, we aim to provide children of all backgrounds with a rich learning environment. We offer a framework for Jewish children to learn about their heritage, and teach all children the importance of tolerance, acceptance and appreciation of various cultures. We accomplish this through age-appropriate introduction and integration of Jewish rituals and holiday celebrations, using a variety of materials in art, music, cooking and children’s literature. We also emphasize universal values such as the importance of helping those in need, treating others with kindness and respect, as well as protecting our environment.

Our Jewish curriculum offers parents and extended families the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of Judaism and to celebrate their heritage in our centers at holiday events such as Hanukkah parties, Purim carnivals and Passover Seders. For many years, parents of all backgrounds have shared that these events are warm, welcoming and inclusive.

Our children participate in a variety of mitzvot(good deeds) projects throughout the year, such as collecting food for the hungry and making cards and visiting the elderly.  This facilitates their growth as curious, competent, responsible and caring individuals.


Welcoming Shabbat
Holiday family celebrations
Inclusive community
Universal values
Communal good deeds & charity
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