Available in our Philadelphia and Wallingford locations.

Our Kindergarten program immerses students in learning key concepts that are designed to build a strong, educational foundation, and provide them with important basics for integral growth in future academic endeavors. The program is aligned with the curriculum of public school Kindergarten programs, and designed to prepare your child to easily transition to a first-grade class in a public or private school environment.

Students in our Kindergarten program learn by working together to explore, investigate, discover and form hypotheses in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our qualified teachers are committed to providing the level of instruction needed to take students to “the next level.

At FELS, our Kindergarten program follows The Creative Curriculum®, a research-based, whole-child approach to project-focused learning in the kindergarten classroom. This curriculum is endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and enables teachers to engage students in deep levels of critical thinking by asking in-depth questions, introducing more technical vocabulary, and challenging students to investigate on their own and in conjunction with others.

FELS’ Kindergarten program combines formal instruction with discovery learning, intermixed with periods of child-initiated activities. In this environment, children have the opportunity to take initiative, make choices, and form close, lasting friendships with their peers.

Activities offered include:

Outdoor play
Music Enrichment
Field Trips
Special Events

FELS Kindergarten Locations: 

Paley Early Learning Center
2199 Strahle Street
Philadelphia, PA  

Kehillah Paley Early Learning Center
2 Chester Rd.
Wallingford, PA


2 locations
Creative Curriculum
STEM learning

What Parents Say

Since Dwight has been at the  FELS’ After School Program at Moore Elementary he gets his homework done and plays outside so now when we go home, things are calmer and I can get him to bed at a decent hour.


Camp photo or other 3 young girls

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