What Parents Are Saying!

“Our kids are 3 years apart and for each transition from Gutman to the public school system, without fail, when I went to register for kindergarten, the first question was “Is your kid in child care?” followed by “Where?”  When I answered Gutman, the response was always the same “Your child will have no problems.”  To this day, my kids are both enrolled in the Gifted Programs at Elkins Park and Myers Elementary with a sense of confidence in themselves and the willingness to stand up for others that they exhibited as toddlers.”

Abby B. – Gutman parent


“I’ve never seen my daughter so enthusiastic or talkative about something other than the experiences she’s had at “school.” (Ok, maybe Peppa Pig). From the time she was placed in K’tonton (literally placed, she was three months old and immobile), she has received so much attention and well-structured development. Communications between teachers and family are generally detailed and informative, and everyone promotes a familial atmosphere. The teachers make it a point to know every child’s quirks, likes, and dislikes, whether or not they are directly charged with their care. This is premium customer intimacy. As for my 2 year old’s development, I’m regularly surprised by the new things she does at home that she picks up (either formally or from friends) at K’tonton. We’ll be sending our second child there soon, and we’ll be confident and happy to do so.”

Jason S. – K’tonton parent