Toddler Program (Ages 1-3)

Offered at our Broomall, Melrose Park, Rhawnhurst, Somerton, and Wallingford locations.

Our toddler program is based upon building and sustaining warm, trusting and responsive relationships between the children and the adults who care for them, and is designed to provide sensory stimulation through individual and group play.

At this age, children love to explore the world around them, and learn their place in it. Their self-esteem and curiosity continues to grow, and their minds are hungry for new experiences. Our program is geared toward facilitating learning and independence. To meet toddlers’ need to explore and assert their autonomy, a team of two teachers work together to foster independence, socialization, cooperation, and decision-making skills in safe and stimulating indoor and outdoor environments.

Children in our toddler program have many opportunities to physically explore their world inside the classroom and on the playground. Older toddlers participate in more structured activities, such as learning centers and circle time.

Creative Curriculum® & Child Development

The Federation Early Learning Centers use The Creative Curriculum®, a comprehensive, research-based, and developmentally appropriate curriculum that follows children’s interests as they work together to explore, investigate, and make discoveries about the world around them and the people, places, and objects that are relevant to their lives.

Milestones: Ages 1-2 (young toddler)

Physical Development (Young Toddler)
Children in this age group are developing their large gross motor skills, increasing balancing skills, building upon fine motor skills, and beginning to develop and practice self-help skills. In our toddler program, we develop these areas through the incorporation of ride-on toys, bouncing balls, dancing, coloring, painting, hand washing, and self-feeding.

Cognitive Development (Young Toddler)
This is a critical age for vocabulary development – new words are emerging daily! Children in this age group are beginning to identify basic colors, shapes, numbers, and some letters, and continue to use their senses to learn about the environment around them. In our toddler program, we develop these areas through the introduction of toys and games focused on shape and color identification, as well as activities for exploration and discovery.

Social/Emotional Development (Young Toddler)
At this age, children begin to play alongside or “parallel play” with other children, rather than alone. They will imitate the actions of others, and express creativity and individuality. In our toddler program, we develop these areas through activities focused on sharing and cooperation, expression through music and dance, and dramatic play.

Milestones: Ages 2-3 (older toddler)

Physical Development (Older Toddler)
Children in this age group are continuing to strengthen their balance, large and fine motor skills, and coordination. In our toddler program, we develop these areas through beginning to copy letters and putting together age-appropriate puzzles as well as encouraging hand washing, zipping and unbuttoning clothing, etc.

Cognitive Development (Older Toddler)
Early literacy skills are beginning to come into play, with a rapid expansion of vocabulary.  In our toddler program, we develop these areas through activities focused on recognizing shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

Social/Emotional Development (Older Toddler)
At this age, children gain confidence through positive redirection and success. They also begin to develop early manners such as saying “please” and “thank you,” and learning how to cooperate and share. In our toddler program, we develop these areas through encouraging  play with others rather than just parallel play, and building on self-help skills.

Toddler Daily Routine

In our toddler program, your child’s day is filled with routines and learning experiences that are consistent and predictable. In knowing what is expected of him/her,  your child is less likely to be frustrated or confused, and thus, feels a sense of accomplishment and success.


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